About Us


Our team consists of electronics enthusiasts, some of who, have been in the field since 1987. Due to our exclusive partnership with Velleman nv since 1992 we were amongst the first companies in Greece to offer professional and home automation.

Our engineers with years of experience on their portfolio face every special application that they are asked to deliver as a new thrilling challenge. All products that we choose to use in our installations are tested by us and selected from different accredited suppliers on a very strict basis. This is how we manage to offer to our customers the best existing solution with the optimum price value ratio.


Technology is supposed to make our lives better and easier, to lift our living standards and offer solutions where previously one could only find dead ends.

At kleopatra automations, it is our belief that technology should be accessed by everybody and adjusted to each person’s needs or desires. By no means should innovation be left to the few or considered a luxury.

This is why we have chosen to offer hi tech solutions of very high quality characterized by flexibility in all aspects while costs are kept to levels affordable to everybody. If you add to this the fact that a properly operating smart installation saves on your running costs you can easily see how our vision comes one step closer to becoming reality!


We do believe that we are the best in what we do and the list of reasons to choose us is quite long. Here you will see the points that make us truly unique. For the whole package you have to give us a call.

One platform

We incorporate the entire automation of your building in one sole platform to spare you from the hassle of having to use different apps for different systems plus the automated scenes can include any of your devices.


Easy Installation

The installation process leaves no traces, so you can go ahead and add intelligence to your building even if you have already moved in and settled. Extra benefit… you can take the automation with you when you decide to leave.



Feel free to think out of the box. Our proposal has the flexibility to adjust to your personal needs. And then… feel free to change your mind regarding any part of your installation, the settings, the configuration or even the position of switches. No building modifications will be necessary to satisfy your new requirements.


Custom components

Everything is tailored to your needs at such extend that if you need something which does not exist in the market, we can build it for you.

Custom dashboards

Why stuck in one interface? We offer custom made dashboards per user and per device.


No cloud needed

The platform can be installed locally at your server and internet connection is irrelevant to the way your building will be operating.

Future proof

You do not need to fear that your installation will ever be outdated. It’s flexibility allows the incorporation of new devices as technology will evolve and new capabilities will emerge.



It is up to you to decide the extend of the integration. You can do it gradually at the pace that fits you best. There are no royalty fees, no subscriptions, no hidden costs and we can teach you to maintain it on your own.



It is our determination to deliver integrated and quality services. Each project is carefully studied and planned in order to achieve a high standard solution that will offer complete satisfaction to our customer.



Development of custom made modules i.e. sensors, controllers

Development of custom made dashboards for each device, for each user and each point of control

After sales maintenance

Technical support

Training – so that you can take over on your own

Retail sales of IoT products through our website kleopatraelectronics.gr


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